Troijan Hevonen (Troija’s Horse) is an academic horse riding club working under University of Helsinki. We consist of students as well as other kind of people, so it is not any kind of an problem if you have never studied anything, we welcome all! Most of our events require at least some Finnish language knowledge, but as most people talk pretty good English, if you see an non-English event you’re interested in, just contact us and come along! We have horse riding lessons every week, courses, gatherings, trail rides, going to horse events together etc.

For English/French/Swedish speaking riders, we can recommend a riding school Keskustalli. They welcome non-Finnish riders for nearly all of their lessons! Their website is in Finnish but you can send them an email to to get more information.

We mainly work threw our Facebook group, which you can find in here.

We have board consisting of 8 members in 2019. If you have anything you want to say to us (comments, just say hi and how much you like horses, questions, anything) don’t hesitate to send us an email to the address: